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About me

... and meaningful jewelry.

Hello dear human.

It's an honor to have you in my little but meaningful jewelry world. It is my mission to represent many emotions from all corners of human life through the jewelry I design and make.

There is much to be shown, many stories to share, your and others', and sometimes mine. So take this an invitation to share your story with me and perhaps I'll transfer it into a design.

Nancy Lopez

I understand what it is like to go through life challenges and radical changes and to embrace them and feel proud of them, and that's why I opened my business. I want to FEEL my past, my present and my dreamed future; what makes me “me”.

The inspirations for my designs come from my own changes, physical and emotional, and led me to create pieces of jewelry to express my feelings, which are probably also experienced by you. So therefore: OUR FEELINGS.

And.. I also love to see those feelings made art, a jewelry art piece. You will always feel that my jewelry inspires you with happiness, acceptance, love, respect towards challenges, achievements, successes and the important stages of life. You will embrace each one of those emotions that shape our lives. You will love to feel, to learn, to remember, to grow.

I LOVE to design for humans like you!

I love to give you unique designs that carry an intention, not just a decoration.

Want to get inspired? Check out my collections of bold, meaningful jewelry!

All of the pieces available for you are 100% handmade in my atelier in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium. For some specific processes, like goldplating, I outsource the specialized service, but the rest is fully made from scratch by me. 

I hope I can be of service for you or your loved ones.