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About me

Jewelry that speaks your truth.


I am just like you, a human with a heart. My name is Nancy López, and I feel. I feel a lot. I feel the little moments in life, the big moments, the happy and the sad, the victorious and the challenging ones.

Nancy Lopez

I understand what it is like to go through life challenges and radical changes and to embrace them and feel proud of them, and that's why I opened my business. I want to FEEL my past, my present and my dreamed future; what makes me “me!”

The inspirations for my designs come from my own changes, physical and emotional, and led me to create pieces of jewelry to express my feelings, which are probably also experienced by you. So therefore: OUR FEELINGS.

Are you / Do you...
... have unmatched courage?
... love yourself no matter what?
... kind and compassionate?
... know how to make your own happiness?
... not afraid of showing your emotions?
... always believe in yourself?
... feel joy for who you have become into?
... show others your unconditional love and support?
... love the way that your favorite jewelry makes you feel?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are in the right place.

I LOVE to design for humans like you!

And.. I also love to see those feelings made art, a jewelry art piece. You will always feel that my jewelry inspires you with happiness, acceptance, love, failures, achievements, successes and the important stages of life. You will embrace each one of those emotions that shape our lives. You will love to feel, to learn, to remember, to grow.

Want to get inspired? Check out my collections of bold, statement jewelry!


Here's my story

I was born and raised in the beautiful and tropical land of Honduras. I wanted to study architecture and I loved making drawings and painting -therefore my Arts class was my favorite during the whole school time. But for different reasons, I decided to follow university studies in the field of Business Management and then a MSc in Strategic Project Management. My career path has been always business since 2005.

However, my interest in jewelry started about the time that the 2008 world crisis started. Things got tough with work, and I tried to find ways to relax my mind. I started making beaded jewelry as a hobby to keep my heart inspired. I continued my business career path, but I always kept jewelry as a passion.

Later in 2014 I was living in Italy, and during a stay in Florence I had an amazing opportunity to receive goldsmithing training from the wonderful goldsmith artist Lucia Ceppatelli, in whose studio I made my first jewelry pieces from rough silver. That's where the real work of goldsmithing and metal handcrafting started.

In 2017 I started in Antwerp, Belgium an official education on jewelry design and goldsmithing, taking my jewelry pieces to the next level. My excitement since then has been so huge!

In 2018 I participated as an artist in residence for a wonderful arts project, where my jewelry collections "Diamond Bodies" and "The Imperfect" were born. 

I'm thrilled by the wonderful pieces I can now make, and I want to share it with many other humans who identify themselves with the message of my jewels. A message on the strength and power of accepting our feelings and who we are. 

Take a look at the site and see if you connect with any of the jewelry messages!