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GAST - Artist in Residence

In 2018, I was selected as an Artist in Residence for GAST, together with 25 other artists from different discipline, where we were provided with a workspace, production support, artistic coaching, and two exhibition moments (STØND LEEG).

With this great project I had the opportunity to work during summer in a lovely atelier available day and night so I could work freely. I was also inspired by its location - the "Oude Beurs", a historical building located in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium.

Working in the same location with other artists was a highlight, and I was very moved by their styles and the messages they transmitted with their art.

From my atelier I developed my first artistic project "I am a Goddess" which involved two collections: "Diamond Bodies" and "The Imperfect". These came as the result of quite some days of asking myself personal questions about feelings and what I needed to express. I did have some good days of inspiration, some days of crying, and many days of excitement and passion for making my jewels... But what would art be if we didn't involve our feelings?

"Diamond Bodies" tells the story of a human body, which sometimes changes due to different reasons, but the core value of the human remains.

"The Imperfect" shows the power of raw nature, its beauty, and how valuable life can be without trying to make everything look perfect.

The exhibition was amusing. There were reactions of joy, a-ha moments, fun, tears, confusion and philosophical conversations. A moment to show emotions, to confront them, and to carry thoughts for reasoning. Watch below a recap of the exhibition!

A very special thanks to Fameus for making GAST happen.

GAST is a project by Fameus in collaboration with the District of Antwerp, costA, Stad Antwerpen, Training Station, Een dansende samenleving, Hanafubuki, UETD, Kop and Madam Fortuna.



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